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About Nor Cal Pressure
Washer Equipment

We got started in 1979 as Western Hydro Systems with a mission to support and supply Northern California’s pressure washing professionals. In 1989 we became Bay Area Chemex.

Now, as Nor Cal Pressure Washer Equipment, our name is more accurately descriptive, but our mission has never changed.

The company was born out of a desire to supply Northern California’s industrial equipment users with the best available tools and mechanical solutions to make work easier and more efficient. Founder Jack Keeler liked helping customers and solving problems.

Soon Jack refocused his business to help industrial pressure washer professionals with the most reliable equipment, repair solutions, and strongest biodegradable chemicals. He linked his reputation to Hydro Tek equipment and the Chemex Corporation—manufacturer of the world’s most unique cleaning solutions.


We Proudly Serve:

  • Municipal public works departments
  • Commercial transportation districts
  • Trucking and shipping companies
  • Trash collection agencies
  • Construction sites
  • Building maintenance and janitorial companies
  • Dairies
  • Commercial bakeries and food service companies
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Independent professionals

Man, did they get things clean! But then something changed. The world woke up.

Environmental impacts became better understood and sensibilities (and responsibilities) changed worldwide. Here in the Bay Area, Jack switched over to the most advanced ecologically-responsible cleaning solutions available—even to the point of custom blending them when needed for a customer’s specific situation. And man, he still got things clean—and more safely!

It was also a time when folks became more aware of dumping wastewater into the storm drain system that still goes, in some municipalities, directly into the Bay. Regulations have changed with the times and so has our equipment and selection of soaps. (In fact, we sell and service vacuum systems to keep pressure washing waste water out of the Bay.)

Since the beginning, one of the most important components of our business model has been a commitment to the environment and the health of our ecosystem. All of our cleaning solutions are manufactured from biodegradable ingredients and we routinely recycle our drums and storage containers.

In 1984, Jack brought his son Mark in to help the growing business and raise the company to an even higher standard of reliability.

Now, as Nor Cal Pressure Washer Equipment, Mark is upping his game again to meet your needs in this new regulatory and competitive environment by streamlining processes that get you and your company the best equipment at the best price, and your existing machines back to work faster than ever…and with even better cleaning solutions.

Today, we’re still Northern California’s foremost Hydro Tek dealer. We offer all of their cleaning and vacuum systems and peripheral equipment. We also sell Alkota, the new Nilfisk Blue Line cold and hot/steam machines, Pressure Pro, and Whitco. As for service, we have 30+ years of experience to repair most other brands of industrial pressure washer equipment including Aladdin, Alkota, All American, BE, Delco, Hotsy, Landa, Mi-T-M, and Sioux.

Nor Cal Pressure Washer Equipment remains family owned and operated, and is even more committed to your satisfaction. And we will always stand by the quality of our products and repairs.

Saving You Money

When it’s time for new equipment, don’t risk buying it online just to save time or money. You need an experienced provider who will work with you directly, in person, and be accountable so you don’t risk getting hung out to dry. We have a long list of these kinds of failures where the buyer regretted trying to save money buying online only to make a costly mistake and then have to call us for help. That’s going to cost you more in the long run than making that big investment with us. Don’t let that happen to you.

On a budget? We can work with you and your purchasing department to meet a fiscal goal and still get the right equipment for the task. If you’ve ever heard it said, “pay now (for quality) or pay later (for your mistake),” we get it.

before you buy.

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