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Commercial and Industrial Equipment

Getting Started or Upgrading?

Finding the right pressure washer is just the first step in constructing an effective power cleaning system. You need the right machine for the job.

You need a partner who understands the strategic and tactical challenges your company or municipality faces on the job every day. You also need a reliable expert who can help you meet the Bay Area’s unique environmental concerns and regulations for every situation. You also want a partner who can make sure your crew meets your toughest industrial cleaning demands. And, if you are an independent commercial user we’ve got the equipment and parts so you can exceed your customer’s needs, leaving them so impressed that they call you again and again—and refer you to their friends.

The Best Equipment for the Biggest Jobs

As a certified Hydro Tek, Nilfisk, and Pressure Pro dealer and service center, you know that our pressure washers and steam cleaners are built from the finest materials to optimize efficiency and reliability. You can be completely confident that our products are dependable and will withstand the rigorous demands of the industrial workplace—guaranteed.

When You Need to Save Money, Call Us

You need to save money. We get it. But if you’re looking to buy new or replacement equipment, call us first. You’ll be money ahead buying from a certified dealer, even if it costs you a little more than that unit you saw on Craigslist. But take it from us, we see a lot more repair requests for equipment we don’t sell than for what we do sell. We’ve seen it happen where repairs, even on newer equipment bought elsewhere, can be very costly. Don’t let it happen to you.

We’ll do everything we can to get you the most competitive deal on new equipment, and to keep your repair bill as low as possible. When it comes to a major equipment purchase, we can even help you find a financing plan or lease that works for you.

When you buy from Nor Cal Pressure Washer Equipment you know it’s factory-direct quality and has the backing of a certified repair shop if anything goes wrong.

Pressure Washer Equipment

Which unit is right for your unique situation? We’ll ask you the right questions and guide you to the right equipment without bursting your budget like a cheap hose clamp. When it’s time for replacement equipment, or when you’re ready to expand your business, count on Nor Cal Pressure Washer Equipment to customize the solution that’s right for your business goals and customers’ needs.

Custom Washing Systems

We’ll help you customize a system to your vehicle and job demands. You can get just the right system installed into your vehicle or trailer for the most efficient use.

Vacuum and Portable Recycling Systems

Our vacuum systems really suck. They’re supposed to!

But how much suction do you need to compliment your pressure washer system? Our experts know, and they won’t suck your budget dry.

Even though many municipalities around the Bay Area have uniform regulations for keeping your wash water and cleaning solutions out of the storm water systems, it can be confusing if your company serves different communities.

We’ll help you understand the laws and equip you to meet and exceed them.

Trailers and Skids

Which is right for you? A truck-mounted system? A trailer-mounted system? Maybe something a little more portable? Let’s talk! We offer the full range of what’s out there and the expertise to help you wade through all the choices.

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